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The Kainos Group has been supporting Christian ministries since 1992.

Enterprises ~ Outreach management, fund raising and consulting. Publishing ~ Books, videos, materials. International Ministries ~ Charitable endeavours oversees.


The Kainos Group serves other evangelical Christian organizations, missions, denominations, churches and individuals. We specialize in assisting in starting churches with unique outreach programs that find responsive unchurched people. We also help find financial contributors by helping complete personal contacts on behalf of missionaries.

We train and coach pastors and missionaries who typically are in their twenties or early thirties to accelerate their effectiveness.

Many of our programs are published as books, workbooks and video training. We specialize in live coaching webinars on an exclusive basis to small cohorts of pastors with similar life situations.


Kainos International Ministries is a registered Canadian charity (#895505907RR0001). We facilitate a number of international and cross-faith initiatives. These are, generally speaking, organized on a per project basis. We receipt donations for the donors you find with a modest administration fee. Then we assign a coordinator to oversee the project to assure the money does what it was designated to do.

Starting Churches

Have You Heard It Yet? is an innovative program to scan a community one household at a time to identify a key person in each responsive household who wouldn’t mind further communication from a …

  1. New
  2. Evangelical
  3. Church
  4. Starting in their area.

Once we identify the responsive households we lovingly communicate with the key person (gatekeeper) we have identified to give them all the encouragement, information and reasons why they should give this new church a try. The results are quite predictable.

One key proviso here is that the church being formed has to be characterized by genuineness, love and acceptance so that when the hesitant newcomer attends for the first time they find their heart moved to keep coming back. Such people want to know there is love in the house and that if they start identifying with this church they will develop a better life.




Missionary candidates raising personal support struggle…

  • They are out of   Contacts.
  • They are out of   Ideas.
  • They are out of   Steam.
  • They are out of   Time.

We call that the CIST challenge. The Titus Plan addresses all four problems with practical solutions and strategies.

The Titus Plan manual includes a full description of the program and the computer files you will need. If you do not have the volunteer help to complete the program we can help with the specialized help you need. First, you need to read the material. Then, talk with one of our staff who will help customize a program for you. To not use The Titus Plan, you will need a better way. If you find one let us know and we will promote it!



Personal Coaching is often the difference between success and failure in ministry. Pastors and missionaries often feel alone and lacking in ability to see the next step to a preferred future. By retaining a good coach a Christian leader can help themselves improve their joy and productivity. Many will claim the the money and time invested in personal coaching is far more valuable than another course of study so many turn to.

We have several coaches to recommend to you at various price points. Each of our coaches is trained in life coaching and specializes in a particular area. We have the right coach for you.

Drop Me a Line

An initial half hour consultation is always free. We can only help if you contact us! Call Gary at 905-230-8116 or email at garyvcarter@kainos.today to get the conversation started.